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If you are suffer from general anxiety disorder and/or frequent panic attacks you have probably already noticed that doing a simple internet search for some type of help or treatment will return many web sites-all claiming to cure your anxiety. You might be skeptical (in fact you should be) of all their big promises of relief. The purpose of this post is to weed out those websites that give false claims of hope and provide you with reviews of anxiety and panic attack relief programs that have proven successful for literally thousands of people. In fact, in my opinion there are only 3 programs that do what they promise to do: Stop Panic and General Anxiety Fast.

Without further adieu, the top three anxiety relief programs (in order of popularity):

Home Treatment Program
Panic Away by Joe Barry

User Ratings

  • Works for all levels of anxiety, whether you’ve been suffering for years or if you just get anxiety while flying, driving, job interviews, etc.
  • Developed by former sufferer of frequent panic attacks and GAD.
  • Worked for 54,000+ users.
  • Gives access to user support forum where you can get tips and suggestions from other anxiety sufferers,
  • Can implement it’s techniques whenever, wherever.
  • The techniques do NOT include NLP or hypnosis.
  • Hundreds of REAL testimonials from REAL people.
  • Gives you the ability to stop fearing another panic attack, ends vicious cycle.
  • Valuable bonuses such as free coaching and forum access.
  • Provides powerful techniques without the use of medication.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
The Linden Method

User Ratings

  • Has a 96.7% success rate and many video testimonials.
  • Program also created by anxiety sufferer.
  • Endorsed by psychologist and doctors; used by governments, clinics and medics.
  • Works for overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and agoraphobia.
  • Worked for 130,000+ users.
  • Easy to implement step by step instructions.
  • Requires NO drugs, NO therapy, NO hypnosis or NLP, and NO CBT.
  • 12 month satisfaction guarantee.
  • ONLY anxiety program with a 12 year history of curative success.
  • Click Here to Purchase or view more information on The Linden Method
Easy Calm

User Ratings

  • Also created by former anxiety and panic attack sufferer.
  • Easy and simple techniques to stop panic atacks.
  • Learn to overcome social anxiety.
  • Learn to prevent future attacks.
  • You can preview the entire first video session before purchasing.
  • Good testimonials backing up the program.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Step by Step video method.
  • Click Here to Learn More or Purchase.

To be honest, both The Linden Method and Panic Away are very reputable programs and you may find success with either of them. Easy Calm is lesser known and hasn’t been around as long as the other two, but is still getting decent reviews from former anxiety sufferers.