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Take Control of Your Life: Handling Panic Attacks

More than 150 million Americans suffer from panic attacks every year in the United States, this according to the American Psychological Association. A racing, erratic heartbeat that feel akin to a heart attack; the sudden cold sweats; the sleepless nights tossing and turning, feeling that you can’t turn your mind off; the unquenchable pain in the pit of your stomach… it is enough to make you dread ever going out in public for fear that another panic attack might come unexpectedly. Yet, despite the pain of living with anxiety and panic attacks, there is hope. You do not have to live in fear. In this article, you will learn valuable tips for panic attacks, how to handle them, and take control of your life. Do not let panic attacks define you, Click here for a natural technique to stop panic attacks.

Interestingly, with each anxiety attack you experience, your chance for more panic attacks increases. In other words, you become more physiologically prone to panic attacks. It’s akin to a pot of boiling water. The water has already begun to spill over, and the temperature does not decrease, the water will continue boiling over. The good news is that you do not have to walk on egg shells. In fact, more than nearly 90% of individuals who experience panic attacks find that, with treatment, they are able to manage their panic attacks. That said, here are some starter tips for panics attacks:

Relax and breathe! Let’s face it. Stress takes a toll on us mentally and physically. Stressful events (or even anticipated stress) deregulate our breathing, making it shallow and even difficult. Hence, the reason why many patients who suffer panic attacks will complain of a shortness of breath. Studies show that mastering effective breathing techniques, and learning relax the muscles in our bodies can help minimize the onset of panic attacks, even offset them entirely. If you anticipate an anxiety attack, take several very deep breaths and releasing the air from the lungs. Doing this for approximately one minute will help relax us by bringing oxygen to each of the muscles.

Additionally, when practicing breathing techniques, you can try scanning your body. Begin by sitting in a chair with your feet placed flat and firm on the floor. Focusing on your feet, begin tensing your feet muscles by curling your tools as if you were digging into the floor. Tense the muscles for five seconds, then release the muscles for another five seconds, repeating the process several times. Remember, to breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling throughout the process so as to bring oxygen to each muscle. Once you have worked your feet, move up to the calves, thighs, abdomen, back (lower and upper), chest, neck, and face. Ever wonder why dancers portray an aura of control and inner peace? Well, the same exercises suggested in this article to help you handle panic attacks, are the same exercises dancers use while training. It is no coincidence that there is a direct correlation with a sense of mental well-being and physical fitness. Relaxing the body, helps relax the mind; therefore enabling you to better cope with panic attacks.

Speaking of relaxing the mind, consider taking what professional call a mental vacation. In other words, train your mind to think about positive events and people so as to divert your attention away from the stress and anxiety. For example, if you are having trouble falling asleep because you are worrying about the stack of unpaid bills on your desk, or you are concerned about whether or not a prospective employer will call you tomorrow, take a vacation-a mental vacation from your worries. Imagery can be quite helpful when dealing with anxiety. Try picturing yourself lying on a beach, with the soothing sounds of crushing waves nearby and the salty sea breeze tickling your nose. Or, perhaps, you are picturing yourself at the ballet drinking in the magic of colorful tutus flying across the stage. Whatever brings you joy and peace, picture it. Focus on it; allow the image of that peace and joy relax you. It is amazing how the power of positive thinking can change our attitude and stabilize both our emotional and physical well-being.

Change behaviors/habits. While panic attacks may wreck havoc on you mentally, physically, and emotionally, you have the power to control panic attacks. You do not have to live with anxiety, constantly worrying and being consumed by fear! When panic attacks occur, consider documenting it. Write down when they happen, what symptoms you felt, how long the episodes last, and try to identify possible triggers. If you notice that a panic attack occurs after you went shopping, because you spent money that you should have saved for gas and utilities, this is easily avoidable. By changing your spending habits, you can reduce your financial anxiety; therefore, in turn, reducing your likeliness for panic attacks. By adopting behaviors that will enable you to reduce and even relief stress, you can cure yourself of anxiety and panic attacks.

Seek help! You do not have to fight this alone. There is help available. By consulting a mental health professional, you can learn about natural remedies and tips for panic attacks. You can take control of your life with the proper anxiety treatment!

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